If you think finding success in today’s mobile-driven, app-fueled world is all about keeping up with the latest technology trends, think again. Considering that over 60% of Americans now own smartphones, it’s not the devices we should be looking at—it’s the mentality of the people using the devices. Crosswind Senior ConsultantTim Hayden puts it simply: “Mobile is a behavior, not a technology.”  As explored in Tim and co-author Tom Webster’s new book, The Mobile Commerce Revolution: Business Success in a Wireless World, the new mobile landscape represents a fundamental shift in human and consumer behavior. For businesses to survive and thrive in the new mobile marketplace, companies must recognize the mobile commerce revolution as much more than merely the latest fleeting technology trend.

 Incorporating numerous case studies and interviews with mobile leaders, The Mobile Commerce Revolution helps readers to navigate an increasingly mobile world with guidance applicable to any business, from small startups to global brands. Offering valuable advice on how to integrate and fully leverage mobile into your existing operations, this book can be viewed as the ultimate guide to achieving or sustaining success in rapidly evolving world.

 Aptly described on Amazon.com as one of “mobile technology and media’s pioneering thought leaders,” Tim Hayden is a valued colleague and contributor to the Crosswind team. A national speaker on the topic of mobile commerce, Tim is also a founding member of several agencies and technology ventures and has aided some of the world’s largest brands in adapting to a wireless world. Tim assists Crosswind clients in identifying opportunities to enhance their initiatives through social content, mobility and new digital platforms.

 The Mobile Commerce Revolution is available now in paperback and digital (naturally!) at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.