Our Training Hones Your Storytelling Abilities, Ensuring Your Key Points Are Clear, Compelling, And Unforgettable

Our Credentials

Crosswind has designed and crafted the messages for critical transactions, navigated corporate reputation through crisis, and trained some of the most powerful chief executives in the nation to meet the press… and prevail. 

Leadership Communication:

Clear, Concise, Credible

Executive presence is a vital skill set in today’s world.

From leading a team meeting or giving a formal presentation to delivering a keynote speech or engaging with the news media, leaders who are empowered by Crosswind.

Great leaders communicate deliberately and with purpose. They harness the power of words and the human voice to bring their ideas to life with confidence. Their communication is clear, concise, and credible. And their success is never left to chance.

Effective communication is a skill set that can be learned and developed. Our executive coaching is an investment that yields immediate results and pays great dividends.

Executive Voice

Coaching & Training

Every day presents opportunities to lead. Crosswind’s Executive Voice is suite of coaching, training and communication services designed to help you make the most of every opportunity.

Our services include:

  • Presentation Training
  • Media Training
  • Public Speaking
  • Message Development
  • Speech Writing

These services are available as individual modules or as a complete executive coaching program tailored to your specific needs.


Presentation Training

Stand out when you stand up! Whether briefing your budget to the board of directors, serving on an industry panel or pitching new business prospects, a presentation is an opportunity to connect and convey value.

Crosswind’s presentation training provides the critical presentation skills to deliver engaging and effective presentations, from content and structure to your presence and style.

Topics include:

  • Mastering verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • Presentation development, structure, and formats
  • Adapting to live, remote, recorded, and hybrid environments
  • Getting, keeping, and recovering audience attention
  • Closing with a compelling and memorable call to action

Media Training

Before you face the cameras, face our team! Our trainers and coaches — award-winning journalists and top corporate, government and military spokespersons — will prepare you to artfully deliver messages critical to your organization’s success.

You will be equipped with the tools needed to effectively handle print and broadcast media interviews with confidence and comfort. Tailored to your needs, our media training covers:

  • The changing media landscape
  • Interacting with reporters and the role of your PR team
  • Pre-interview preparation
  • Message delivery techniques
  • Adapting to different interview formats, especially remote video
  • Message map exercises
  • Practice interviews
  • Handling difficult interviews

Public Speaking

Deliver results when you deliver your remarks! Public speaking is a high-stakes solo performance which presents a powerful opportunity to inform and inspire. Just you, your voice, and your movement. It is yours — own it!

From novices to experts, our speaker training takes you to the next level. Crosswind tailors training to your needs: prepare for a variety of formats or to nail a big, make-or-break speech

  • Understanding the mission: your goals and audience expectations
  • Knowing your strengths and using them to your advantage
  • Moving your voice, and your body to move your audience
  • Effective practice and rehearsal
  • Notes, teleprompters, and confidence monitors m
  • Venue coordination

Message Development

Start with a solid message.

Key messages are the simple and clear ideas that guide and focus your communication efforts. Effective key messages are concise, simple, and memorable. They help frame your ideas in a strategic, relevant, and compelling manner. Key messages are the foundation of leadership communication.

Crosswind helps clients develop their key messages through a structured engagement process. We conduct research, inventory the competitive landscape, and host a strategic communication session. In this collaborative environment, we work together to articulate your position, define your vocabulary, and built your story.

Speech Writing

Bring your ideas to life with power, poetry, and precision.

Delivering a great speech requires a great speech to deliver. Great speeches require great speech writers. The challenge is simple, yet often overlooked: Speeches are meant to be heard, not read. Speeches are not white papers, blog posts, or news articles. Speeches must always give priority to the ear, not the eye.

Writing for the ear employs repetition and variation, cadence and balance. It combines the power of simple, direct, and short sentences with the expression, nuance, and texture of spoken word. Crosswind can help.

Speak With Impact