By Thomas Graham

Command of the podium and thought leadership are top of mind whenever a U.S. President walks up the aisle for an annual State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress.

George Washington began the tradition with his first regular annual message before a joint session of Congress on January 8, 1790 – delivered then in America’s provisional capital, New York City.

Surely then as now, these questions: What actions will ensue? What will the media say?  What will the public take away?

One thing is certain: Today’s media environment is more crowded and contentious than it ever was in Washington’s time, and public attention spans are shorter, more fragile.

But some leaders, then and now, stand out in a public environment because they come equipped with a unique superpower.

We call it, The Executive Voice.

At Crosswind, we have equipped some of the nation’s most powerful chief executives – corporate chairs, military and university leaders, and even heads of state – to meet the media head-on – and prevail.

Our media skills training program prepares leaders to develop a public voice that carries, strong enough and clear enough to artfully deliver the messages critical to organizational success in the forum of public and political opinion.  We equip and empower institutional spokespersons to effectively handle print, broadcast, and digital media interviews with confidence and comfort.

Before leaders face the media music, they first face our team of experienced trainers and coaches who have navigated every public issue and crisis, and even some former journalists who have themselves asked the tough questions.

Crosswind is a leading communications firm with deep national and international Fortune 500 experience and seasoned talent. We retune reputations and strengthen brands while broadening public awareness of institutional mission and progress. We frame narratives that allow clients to engage effectively with their unique core audience.

Our agency has decades of regional and international experience in crisis preparation, litigation support and communication response, including work done in the energy, defense, telecommunications, health, transportation, and electronics industries.

Members of our current staff have provided C-Suite communications counsel and field support in a wide variety of cases including environmental disaster, global product recall, fatal industrial and aviation accidents, battles for corporate control, and legal cases involving executive ethics, regulatory action, international bribery, consumer fraud, and benefits management.

In addition, members of the senior staff have themselves stood on the front line as emergency responders in the military and law enforcement, and have held senior posts as investigative reporters, editors, and producers at Tier One national and regional media outlets.

Texas is our home, but we have traveled the world. We have deep roots in our state and a Lone Star can-do spirit. We understand how to bring leaders and enterprise to the world stage. We offer clients foreign and domestic, current-day communications technology, insightful research, and media relationships at every level — bringing measurable results and impactful strategic messages throughout the world.


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