Bringing you to media, bringing media to you.

Bringing you to media.

Bringing media to you.

Media Training

Today’s media environment is more crowded and contentious than ever, and attention spans are waning. Our media skills training program prepares you to deliver artfully the messages critical to your organization’s success and equips your spokespersons to effectively handle both print and broadcast media interviews with confidence and comfort.

Before you face the cameras, you should face our team of experienced trainers and coaches, award-winning journalists who’ve asked the tough questions.

Our media training sessions cover:

  • The changing media landscape
  • Understanding the reporter interaction
  • Messaging and delivery for interview success
  • Effective Interviewing techniques
  • Message map exercise
  • Practice interviews
  • Handling the difficult interview

Presentation Training

Learn to stand out, when you stand up! Individuals at all levels of an organization will typically need to give a presentation at some point in their careers – whether it’s justifying a departmental budget to the board of directors, serving on an industry panel or pitching to a new business prospect. Presentation training provides the critical presentation skills to deliver engaging and effective presentations, and to be aware of how you communicate just through your presence and style.

Our presentation training sessions cover:

  • The elements critical to reaching your communications goals
  • The verbal and non-verbal components of your delivery
  • How to develop your presentation
  • The keys to getting and keeping audience attention
  • How to close with a compelling call to action



“Great points to keep us out of trouble.”

“Helpful for getting in front of a camera and learning how to react to questions.”

“This training is priceless!”

“Crosswind was so helpful and earned the 5 stars I gave them. I, on the other hand, am starting at the bottom. Great experience.”

“Would recommend to everyone.”

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