1. A Blank Slate

A vast white canvas is always daunting, but think about how hard it is to work in a crowded room. A white board gives your brain the space it needs for all your cluttered little thoughts to become words and pictures—a place for research to become a vision. A dry erase board has room for imagination, growth and exploration.

2. Nothing You Do Is Permanent

There is no “final” pressure because nothing you say is set in stone—it’s erasable! This incubates creativity. Have a thought? Say it! Even if it’s silly, it could start a brainstorming session and end up in an amazing place. There’s space for everything, even last minute thoughts and scribbles. You don’t have to be an artist or philosopher to use it to its fullest advantage.

3. Stuck Like Glue

Stick whatever you want up there! Compare things side by side on a white background. This allows you to step back and look at a bigger picture than your computer screen could show you.

4. Two Sides To Every Story

Split the board in half: verbal vs. visual, positive vs. negative, pros and cons, one idea vs. another. Use your dry erase board to compare and contrast ideas!

5. Track Your Process

Seeing your thoughts, pictures and arrows drawn from A to B, and connecting this to that, helps you track where you started.

6. Room For “Why”

Speaking something out loud and writing it down gives teams time to think about the intent. Encouraging a team to think something through rather than going straight to a computer to write or create not only cuts down on revisions (after revisions), but also results in a more thorough and intelligent final product.

7. Easy-Cheesy

All you need is a dry-erase marker!