For me, Thanksgiving is home.  My mother in the kitchen, baking and humming gospel songs — mixed in with a little Merle Haggard and George Jones.  We would have our traditional Thanksgiving meal on Thursday, Friday or Saturday – whichever of the days her schedule allowed.

She worked three jobs, cashier, nursing assistant, taxicab dispatch, to pay the bills and provide for our large family as a single mom.  But she exuded thankfulness and gratitude.

I’m reminded this Thanksgiving of so much for which I am thankful and grateful.

My family, the pride I have in my children as they grow and pursue their dreams, the servant’s heart of my bride of 33 years and how she touches so many through her work.

My Crosswind family, their dedication and spirit, communicators with purpose, helping our clients lead change in a complex and dynamic world.

The opportunity I have through the freedoms and liberties of our nation to contribute to and influence that change positively.   I’ve been so blessed in my life through family, through friends and people I don’t even know, but all of whom believed in the place we call home.

I pray that you are home this Thanksgiving weekend, wherever that is for you, and filling your heart with the love and gratitude that will influence this world favorably.

Thomas Graham