Texans unsatisfied with health care system


Crosswind’s Texas Pulse surveyed Texans about the U.S. health care system to see whether Texans are satisfied or not in the wake of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Survey results indicate Texans’ attitude about the U.S. health care system remain polarized in the wake of the implementation of the ACA with 61% of Democrats saying they are very or somewhat satisfied with the system, compared to only 31% of Republicans who feel that way.

Two thirds (67%) of Republicans are unsatisfied with the system, compared to only 38% of Democrats. Among all voters, there is no appreciable difference in satisfaction among age groups or between men and women. African-Americans, however, are much more likely to report that they are satisfied with the system, with 64% satisfied and only 34% unsatisfied.

 Anglo and Hispanic satisfaction is identical, with 41% satisfied and 57% unsatisfied. By education level, the strongest support for the system is among those without high school diplomas, with 69% supportive. This compares to supporters with high school diplomas (48%), some college (31%), college graduates (43%) and those with postgraduate experience (47%). Among those who cited health care as the biggest issue facing Texas, only 43% were satisfied with the health care system, while 55% were dissatisfied.

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