For the majority of the United States, November 8, 2016 was nothing short of suspenseful. AsTexas Pulse, consumer research poll predicts Texans will elect Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. pollsters at the Washington Post, New York Times and just about every political blog (even the award-winning FiveThirtyEight) would tell you, Trump’s odds of winning were slim to none. So on election night, both Americans and international spectators watched in awe as the results rolled in, many taking to social media to voice their concerns.

It was a Trump victory, and very few saw it coming.

In fact, LA Times is arguably the only Tier One news outlet to get it right, putting Trump ahead of Clinton by just over 3 percent the day before the election.

But in Texas, we were part of a different story. While some reported that Texas may soon turn blue, or at least a transitioning shade of purple, as the state’s demographics shift, the 2016 election proved that the GOP is safe in the Lone Star state – and we’ve known that from the moment the 2016 candidates began their campaigns. Our most recent Texas Pulse Poll, a survey of 800 likely Texas voters conducted October 22-24 by Crosswind Media & Public Relations and Pulse Opinion Research, placed Trump in front of Clinton 45 to 38 percent respectively. Our poll very closely reflected the election outcome:  Crosswind’s findings of a 7-point gap was only slightly off the election results showing Trump with a 9-point lead over Clinton in Texas.

Aside from the presidential race, it’s evident Texas won big this year in other categories, such as immigration, tax reform and infrastructure. You can read more specifics about that in this blog post.