By Rich Oppel Sr.

Thomas, Angela and I had a successful media trip to New York April 20-22, visiting editors, reporters and friends at The Associated Press, The New York Times and Bloomberg News.

Here, I’m with two colleagues from the 1980s:  Bloomberg’s Rob Urban, managing editor for partnerships; and Laura Zelenko, executive editor for beat reporting. Rob and Laura were among five bright young business reporters I hired at The Charlotte Observer and who now work for Bloomberg — and in some cases help run the huge and rapidly growing, 2,400-staffer, multi-platform news organization.

Others include James Greiff, Views; Steve Matthews, Atlanta Bureau; and John Hechinger, Boston-based education writer. I’m proud of these longtime friends, and what they’ve been able to accomplish in their careers.

These Observer grads also put us in contact with other key Bloomberg editors and reporters responsible for oil-gas, technology, cyber security  and healthcare, including Tina Davis, Winnie O’Kelley, Greg Farrell, Bob Ivry and Drew Armstrong.

We were able to tell the stories of Crosswind clients and build excellent relationships for future calls, visits and connections with clients.