A statewide poll of Texas likely voters finds that immigration and the economy are the top issues of concern for residents of the Lone Star State.

 The Texas Pulse, a periodic survey of Texans’ opinions on a variety of cultural, economic and political issues, was conducted by Crosswind Media & Public Relations from Sep. 11-14, using a survey of 1,000 Texans. The margin of error is +/- 3 percentage points.

The Texas Pulse surveyed what Texans believe are the most important issues facing the country, with each respondent selecting the one issue considered most important. The topics chosen for this survey include items in the news, as well as issues designed to match previous surveys to allow a determination about how attitudes shift over time.

Immigration and border security continues to be cited as the most important issue facing Texans. One third of Texans cited it as their top issue, statistically the same as in the November 2014 Texas Pulse survey (35%). Responses regarding this issue, however, are very partisan, with 50% of Republicans citing it as their top issue while only 10% of Democrats identified it that way.

 Eighteen percent of Texans cited the economy and jobs as their top issue, making it the most bipartisan issue, with 15% of Republicans and 21% of Democrats agreeing. In 2014, 12.2% of Texans cited it as their top issue. Although Hispanics and Anglos polled the same (16%) on this question, double that percentage of African-Americans (31%) cited this as their top issue. Health care was next. Although only 7% of Republicans cited it as their biggest issue, one quarter of Democrats (24%) did so. Women were slightly more likely (16%) to cite this issue than were men (12%). Education is the top issue for 13% of all voters, down slightly from 17% in 2014. Eight percent of Republicans, and 21% of Democrats named this issue as their priority.

To receive a copy of the full Texas Pulse survey or for more information, visit https://crosswindmedia.wpengine.com/texaspulse