Austin is putting Texas on the map. Not only has it gained the attention of national media with its growing tech industry, live music culture, thriving indie film scene and expanding population, our city has become a media hub in its own right. Prominent conferences like SXSW Interactive are addressing key topics from healthcare innovations to the latest in virtual reality, and smaller conventions like Austin Film Festival are attracting successful screenwriters from across the country. A news media revolution is also occurring, with digital media led by nonprofit Texas Tribune and a return to community journalism as witnessed by Community Impact. The point is, the world cares what Austin has to say.

That’s why local startup incubator Capital Factory decided to host a monthly series exploring the national reach of Austin’s media scene by featuring filmmakers, journalists, game designers, communications executives, IP lawyers and more. Its first event featured people like Burnie Burns, founder of production company Rooster Teeth, and Mirasol Enriquez, director of community media for Austin Film Society (started by Oscar-nominated director and Austin devotee, Richard Linklater).

This Thursday, Crosswind CEO Thomas Graham will be speaking at the second event in the series, coming alongside other professionals to share his knowledge about the city’s growing media infrastructure and ways to get involved.

Additional speakers will include:

Hugh ForrestCapitalFactoryLogoBlack
Director of SXSW Interactive Festival

Johannes Larcher
Founder of Pikum, Former SVP of Hulu

Michelle Martel
Entertainment/Media Lawyer
Branding and PR Martell Media House

Troy Campbell
Founder, The House of Songs

Josh Rubin
Director of CF Studios
Director of Video at The Daily Dot

Intro to the Austin Media Scene will take place on Thursday, May 12 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM at Capital Factory’s CF Studios (701 Brazos Street, Austin, TX 78701). Click here to register!