From the Heart of Texas to the Heart of the World

We’re heartbroken by the recent events in Sutherland Springs, Texas. It seems we’ve been repeating ‘thoughts and prayers’ too many times the last several months, perhaps with a taint of helplessness or desperation. But while our What I Like About Texas event in New York City was meant to be a celebratory event, what it really should be for us in the Lone Star State is a reminder: A reminder of our roots, and our faith in the future. A reminder that when there are Texans in need, we all answer the call. A reminder that no differences are vast enough to create a chasm in times of crisis, evidenced time and time again by our response to forceful acts of nature, and the cowardly hands of man.

What I Like About Texas is more than a campaign; it’s a way of living. We can all do more to make sure we live it better, every day.

Help a neighbor.

Stand by a stranger.

Forgive a friend.

There is strength in living the Texas way, and that strength is what helps to heal the hurt.