Greg Abbott handily dispatched Wendy Davis for the governorship of Texas Tuesday night. While the victory was not surprising, to many the margin was a shock.

The results however, were dead on with the projections outlined in an October 17th poll conducted by Crosswind Media and Public Relations. In that poll, Crosswind found Greg Abbott leading Democrat Wendy Davis by 52 percent to 31 percent – a 21 point lead. On election night, Abbott won by 21 points. Likewise, the Crosswind Poll also measured the Lieutenant Governor’s race between Dan Patrick and Leticia Van de Putte. Crosswind polled that race at 20 points and once again hit the mark perfectly.

Many will debate where Texas is going politically in the distant future, but what’s important in the realm of ideas is where Texas is now. Texas’ dramatic outperformance of the overall U.S. economy is unparalleled since post-Civil War New York. While most of America remains mired in a stagnant recovery, Texas is on fire: Home to 52 Fortune 500 Companies, three of the 10 fastest-growing cities in America and an energy boom from shale oil, the Lone Star State is relatively prosperous and secure. As the election showed, Texans in general are confident of the party and the policies that they believe have put them there. The idea that Texans are doing it right on the economy plays perfectly into the state’s enlarged sense of pride, and the vision of Texas as an example for America is a common theme.

To hear Texans tell it, to know Texas today is to know America tomorrow. At Crosswind, we make it our job to know Texas and to share the Texas story with the world.