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Austin Monthly hosted its June Issue Release party at Deep Eddy Vodka Distillery. Check out Vice President Jake Clements’ recapof the event.

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Clients in the News

Lacz: Please don’t wish me a ‘happy’ Memorial Day

It happens every year: Memorial Day comes around and I am showered with well-wishes and sincere thanks for my service by strangers and friends alike. Though I understand the sentiments are genuine and I try to be gracious, I bristle inside. The more acceptable it becomes to “celebrate” Memorial Day with a mattress sale and a barbecue, the fewer Americans take the time to fully understand the meaning of a federal holiday observed on the last Monday in May.

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Gore: Giving it the new college try, debt-free

In their book “Academically Adrift,” Richard Arum and Josipa Roksa claim that after two years of college, 45 percent of undergraduates made no significant improvement in basic learning skills and concepts.

These are fundamentals — like problem solving and basic business writing. In other words, the students didn’t learn a thing.

I cannot abide by that. I decided something must be done.
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Bahorich: Keep our focus on the future

With runoffs settled, candidates for the State Board of Education have been chosen and now we look forward to the November election. Voters and candidates alike should work hard to see through the smoke produced by inevitable electoral fires between now and November.

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What We’re Reading

Austin’s Mayor Is Keeping Ridesharing Weird

Uber threw a “driver appreciation” party in Austin on Thursday night. It was an odd gesture. After all, the ridesharing giant had stopped operating in the city 24 days earlier, so many of the attendees weren’t technically still Uber drivers. And while some drivers were pining for the company’s return, others were too angry to show up at its parties. “When I got the invitation, I said, ‘Why would I go now? Appreciation for what?’” said Ligia Friedman, a former Uber driver who’s furious the company cut off her sole form of sustenance without warning. She stayed home.
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Texan is first adult in U.S. to receive updated stem cell transplant for leukemia treatment

Texan Chuck Dandridge became the first adult in the U.S. to receive a newly modified stem cell transplant that uses genetically engineered blood cells from a family member, announced researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center’s Harold C. Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center where the procedure was performed. The new genetically engineered blood cells were transplanted from his son, Jon, and thanks to the procedure, Mr. Dandridge’s leukemia is in remission.
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