Last year, former Texas governor Rick Perry cha-chaed his way into the hearts of a new set of Americans thanks to his stint on “Dancing with the Stars.” Now, could “The Voice” be in his future?

In a newly released video, Secretary of Energy Perry pairs up with country music singer Gary P. Nunn to tout the virtues of Texas.

“If you’re into the cultural arts, you don’t have to live in one of the big cities to hear some of the most extraordinary music,” he says in the video, accompanied by Nunn, who plays a grand piano. Perry adds, “You’ll also find some of the friendliest people, and you might even find some pretty good barbecue.”

The video is part of a new campaign called “What I like About Texas,” inspired by Nunn’s song of the same name, from the Texas Travel Industry Association, an umbrella organization and advocate for the travel industry in Texas. The video was filmed at the Round Top Festival Institute, according to the TTIA.

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