HEBBRONVILLE, Texas — Raven Petroleum spoke directly to the public for the first time Thursday, eight months after announcing plans to build a crude oil refinery on Webb County’s border, four miles downwind from Bruni.

Christopher Moore, managing director of Raven Petroleum, spoke to the audience of the Governor’s Small Business Workshop in Hebbronville after the event ended around 2 p.m. (He also served as a panelist at the earlier event, but didn’t address any questions about the refinery.)

In the past couple of months, Raven Petroleum has updated their website to include some preliminary information about the South Texas Energy Complex, commonly referred to as the Raven refinery:

It will process 55,000 barrels of crude oil per day on an 832-acre tract of line in Duval County, at the corners of Webb and Jim Hogg counties. The Kansas City Southern rail line cuts through the property, giving them direct access to distribution, and two pipelines bisect the property. Raven plans to produce gasoline, diesel fuel, naphtha (a flammable oil), and liquified petroleum gas products.

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