What do you like about Texas? That’s the question the Texas Travel Industry Association wants the public to answer in the spirit of country artist Gary P. Nunn’s song “What I Like About Texas.”

TTIA’s “What I Like About Texas” campaign highlights “the pride that Texans have for what they do, where they live, and who they are,” said Chief Operating Officer Daniel Decker. “That includes a number of people from different experiences and cultures and lifestyles throughout the state of Texas. So the campaign really seeks to focus on sharing those experiences, those memories, and those stories.”

The campaign kicked off last Friday with an afternoon event at the Texas State Capitol, featuring a performance by Nunn that included the song the campaign is named after. “We felt that song embodied a lot of what we wanted to share, which was people sharing their stories and their experiences,” Decker said.

Throughout the summer, TTIA will share videos and testimonials from well-known Texans on its website and social media channels and is inviting the public to share their own Texas experiences online using #WhatILikeAboutTexas to highlight local activities, destinations, and cultures for visitors.

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