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Approximately 60-percent of Americans believe Texas is a good place to start new businesses and raise a family, a belief held even more strongly among Republicans and conservatives. “Despite contentious national headlines on issues facing Texas, the brand is strong and valued,” says Crosswind CEO Thomas Graham


A Crosswind Media & Public Relations national survey of 914 American adults (MoE +/- 3%), excluding residents living in Texas, shows 48 percent of Americans say they have either a very positive (28%) or somewhat positive (20%) view of the Lone Star State, compared to 23 percent who say they have a very negative (10%) or somewhat negative (13%) view. Those who hold a neutral view tally 25 percent of the respondents.

The same poll shows 60 percent of Americans believe Texas is a very good or somewhat good place to start a new business, particularly among self-identified conservatives (79%), parents with children under 18 (67%), men (66%), and married individuals (66%). Another 58 percent of respondents believe Texas is a very good or somewhat good place to raise a family, compared to 25 percent who say it is a somewhat bad or very bad place.

66% of Americans say Texas is a good travel destination, including 72 percent of those between 18-39 years old. Most respondents don’t think they’ll visit the Lone Star State in the next year (54%), but a plurality (44%) think Texas is headed ‘in the right direction’ compared to other U.S. states, while 31% think Texas is headed ‘in the wrong direction.’

Despite being the 2nd most diverse state in the country according to rankings, only 37% of Americans see Texas as ‘more culturally diverse’ than other U.S. states, compared to 20% who believe Texas is less diverse and 33% who see no difference.

“Like most things these days, how you view Texas is strongly predicted by your political identity,” said Dr. Brian Watson, head researcher at Crosswind. “Political affiliation and ideological views weigh heavily on every factor investigated in our survey.”

While 69% of Republicans and 73% of Conservatives say they have a positive view of Texas, just 36% of Democrats and 23% of Liberals agree. Respondents identifying as moderates are in the middle, with 40% having a positive view of Texas.

Crosswind President and CEO Thomas Graham says despite contentious national headlines on issues facing Texas, the brand is strong and valued.

“Texas has become something of a constant target in top media these days, with almost daily headlines pointing out any number of the state’s challenges or latest policy directions, from mass migration at the border to political disputes around voting,” says Graham, “it is doubly remarkable that most Americans are resisting a relentless onslaught on the Texas brand and still find the state a good place for investment and travel.”

Graham said the state and those who support its industries such as travel and tourism, economic development and institutions such as higher education and healthcare should leverage the Texas brand value to attract additional investment and interest.

“The state now needs to exploit this impressive and durable brand advantage by being even more proactive in communicating its many competitive advantages to both national and international audiences,” said Graham.


In this survey of 914 adults across the United States except Texas, there is a +/- 3% margin of error assuming a 95 percent confidence interval. Data for this study were collected between July 12-13, 2021. Adults in this study represent residents of U.S. states excluding Texas. A screener question was used to exclude respondents who currently reside in Texas.

Demographics in this sample are based on self-reported responses. 51 percent of respondents identified as female and 49 percent identified as male. For age, 39 percent of the sample is between 18-39 years old, 43 percent is between 40-64, and 18 percent is 65 years or older. By ethnicity, 14 percent of the sample identified as Hispanic/Latino, 13 percent identified as Black, 63 percent identified as white, and 10 percent represent other groups. By political party affiliation, the sample is 28 percent Republican, 35 percent Democrat and 37 percent chose neither major party.

The survey was conducted by Crosswind and Pulse Opinion Research on July 13-14, 2021. Pulse Opinion Research, LLC is an independent public opinion research firm using automated polling methodology and procedures licensed from Rasmussen Reports, LLC. 70% of the sample calls were placed to randomly selected phone numbers through a process that insures appropriate geographic and age representation. 30% of the sample was conducted via online surveys of individuals who use a cell phone as their primary telephone. After the calls and online surveys are completed, the raw data is processed through a weighting program to ensure that the sample reflects the overall population in terms of age, race, gender, political party, and other factors.
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