By Haley Sweetland Edwards

Originally published in Time.

A cyber security firm hired by the Democratic National Committee announced on Monday that two groups affiliated with Russian intelligence were responsible for infiltrating the Democrats’ network and stealing a ream of confidential election-related information.

Two days later, a hacker claiming to be acting as a lone wolf, who said he was unaffiliated with the Russians and called himself “Guccifer 2.0,” leaked what appeared to be a 200-page document consisting of largely unsurprising opposition research on Donald Trump.

The leak called into question who, exactly, had been responsible for the hack on the Democratic headquarters.

If it was really the Russians, as the DNC’s cyber security firm, CrowdStrike, claimed, who was this Guccifer 2.0 figure? (The name harkens back to an actual Romanian lone wolf who hacked the Bush family, among others, and is now in a jail in Virginia.) Had the DNC’s cyber team misattributed the breach to the wrong group? Had it failed to detect a different breach that had successfully stolen more confidential information?

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