Originally published on 3WEARTV

Tragedy once again has found itself at Pensacola’s backdoor. News traveled fast on Sunday of the senseless shooting of six police officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

“It’s really tense on both sides and it being so close to home, it’s kind of scary,” said Derek Faverino, who is visiting Pensacola from Lafayette. “I don’t know how it’s supposed to stop.”

Local law enforcement were quick to react to the loss of their own. Pensacola Police changed their Facebook profile picture to show a blue line across the state of Louisiana. The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office posted a status that reads in part: “There are no words to express the grief and heartbreak that is gripping the law enforcement community and their families.”

Some worried that the slaying is not going to be the last.

“My best friend is a cop, so that really scares me,” Katie Cannon said.

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