It’s not uncommon to hear live Americana music emanating  from the Love Field food court on a Friday afternoon — at least not since the Texas Music Project partnered with the airport and the city of Dallas to install a state-of-the-art stage there last year. But it’s not every week that travelers stumble upon a free performance by one of Texas’ most treasured singer-songwriters.

That’s part of what made Gary P. Nunn’s set on July 7 so special. Well, that and the folks who — between hustling from security checkpoints to their gates — two-stepped across the airport in tune to Nunn’s classic song “What I Like About Texas.”

First recorded in 1984, the song has taken on a new life and purpose this summer, as Nunn helps kick off the Texas Travel Industry Association’s #WhatILikeAboutTexas social media campaign. The effort asks Texans, non-native visitors and lovers of Texan culture to use the hashtag when sharing their favorite moments, places, people and events from all over the state.

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