By Susan B. Barnes

Originally published in USA Today.

For a National Park that’s only accessible by boat or seaplane, visitors to Isle Royale National Park – found within Lake Superior and accessible from Michigan and Minnesota (and very close to the Canadian border) – will find plenty to do once they arrive. Established in 1940 “to conserve a prime example of North Woods Wilderness,” Isle Royale National Park was then designated part of the National Wilderness Preservation System under the Wilderness Act in 1976, and in 1980 an International Biosphere Reserve. It’s more than likely that the moose, gray wolves, red fox, beavers, mink and many more wildlife species who call the park home appreciate that conservation greatly, as do the visitors: just over 18,500 visited the park in 2015. Crowds? You won’t find them at Isle Royale National Park. Here, we suggest 10 tips on things not to miss when visiting Isle Royale National Park.

1. Watch the weather: Park rangers suggest keeping a keen eye on the weather when planning a visit to Isle Royale National Park – weather conditions can change quickly and you should be prepared for everything during your time in the park. Be sure to call (906) 482-0984 for the most up-to-date weather information before you set out for the park.

2. Take flight: There are two ways to get to Isle Royale National Park – by boat or by plane. Why not opt for the 35-minute flight aboard a seaplane? Not only will you get a bird’s eye view of the area and park itself, but you’ll be able to start your island adventure a bit quicker than if you take an hours-long ferry ride.

3. Check out the ruins of an historic copper mine: It may not look like much now, but between 1890 and 1892 the Wendigo Mining Company operated its copper mines on the island that supported a community of 135 people. Today, you can walk along the mining roads that now serve as paths into the wilderness. Just keep an eye out for evidence of the historic copper mine.

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