By Craig Hlavaty

Originally published by the Houston Chronicle.


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A new poll conducted just last month set out to check the pulse of typical Texans, asking them questions about ice cream, Ted Cruz, and college football.

Pulse Opinion Research in Arlington helped poll some 1,000 Texans for Crosswind’s most recent Texas Pulse statewide survey.

As Crosswind says, the opinions of Texans really do matter considering the economic powerhouse that the state has shown itself to be as of late.

On display across the poll are the marked differences, but not surprising differences, between Republicans and Democrats.

When asked what the most important issue facing Texas was, 50 percent of GOPers said immigration and border security, while just 10 percent of Dems agreed. 33 percent of all voters, though, agreed that the border was a major issue.

The highest priority for Dems was health care.

When asked about the Republican primary, GOPers deemed Donald Trump the most favorable candidate from the very crowded field to the tune of 26 percent. Ben Carson and Texas-native Ted Cruz were behind Trump with 19 percent and 15 percent respectively.

Republicans also seem to like Governor Greg Abbott, and dislike President Barack Obama, with some finding the prez “very unfavorable” to the tune of 74 percent.

When asked if gambling should be legalized in Texas everyone polled were largely in favor with 69 percent on board. Thirty percent weren’t too high on gambling becoming a Texas tradition. Those people probably enjoy the drive to Louisiana too much.

But enough about boring politics and public policy. What do Texans think about Blue Bell Ice Cream?

Forty-nine percent of those contacted said that they would “very likely” be buying Blue Bell now that it had returned to stores after that pesky listeria outbreak earlier in the year. According to Crosswind brass it was the Republicans who had the most connection to Blue Bell.

When it came to Texas college football, 22 percent of Texans think that the TCU Horned Frogs have a good chance at making the playoffs with 20 percent championing the Texas A&M Aggies.

Twelve percent of Texans still had faith in the University of Texas Longhorns, bless their hearts.

Remember, though, that this survey was taken a month back before that 50-7 to TCU.