Randall Whalin is a native Texan and award-winning marketing professional.  He is a recognized “message master” with a fondness for bringing to market and to national media attention the most obscure and esoteric products and services.
He has also been responsible for managing and serving on creative teams promoting some of the world’s most prominent and high-profile mainstream brands, including Wal-Mart, National Football League, Major League Baseball, Volvo/Mack Trucks, ESPN, and Fox Business Channel.

Randall is an accomplished documentary producer who has conducted in-depth, on-camera interviews with President George Bush, First Lady, Laura Bush, and MLB Hall of Fame pitcher Nolan Ryan. Randall sports two of the strongest wrists in Texas and has competed aggressively in the U.S. Open of Table Tennis.  Being from rural Texas, he is also a formidable cow-chipping expert, always happy to offer tips on proper ‘chip grip’ techniques for fellow chip-pitch enthusiasts.  And yes, he always washes his hands thoroughly before business meetings.