Adam Beckner is a Digital Content Specialist at Crosswind Media & Public Relations. He was born and raised “up North” in the Texas Panhandle in Amarillo where he and his wife still call home. Adam is a first generation college graduate with an Associates Degree in Business Administration from Amarillo College and a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from West Texas A&M University. Adam is focused on building digital brands that provide long term value and he brings to us a fierce out-of-the-box, entrepreneurial spirit, and understands our digital future. He knows that even digital marketing requires consistent innovation with solid story development to be truly impactful. He has already captured and powerfully positioned stories for clients and companies across the Web2 and Web3 industries. In 2017, Adam found his passion for creating digital content by live streaming content to platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. Shortly after developing his content creation skill, Adam excelled in guiding other companies to online success through the use of new era media like podcasting, video ads, and short form video content. Outside of the workplace, Adam enjoys reading books within the self help and business development genre, working out, and spending time with his family. On summer weekends, Adam also fuels his adrenaline needs by racing his Limited Dirt Modified at Route 66 Motor Speedway.