It’s time transportation paid homage to our neighbor three doors down — the sun.

Solar power, in general, is becoming more mainstream as conversations about green energy, less reliance on fossil fuels and other topics about reducing our carbon footprint permeate society. But not much of it has centered around transportation.


In 2014, Ford introduced the C-MAX Solar Energi Concept vehicle, in collaboration with SunPower Corp. and the Georgia Institute of Technology. Still a concept model, it was our first introduction to a realistic model of a car that could run primarily on solar power. (Fun fact: The first solar-powered car was introduced in 1955 by William Cobb, but it was only 15 inches long.).

As the executive director of a regional transportation authority, however, I’m interested in things that can be implemented and sustained now, so that as soon as we are ready — with policies, agreements, land and investments in place — we can pull the trigger.

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