POSTS FROM THE PORT: A Letter to the Community

Dear Friends,

Last week, alongside a sellout crowd of more than 900 of our friends and neighbors, Port of Corpus Christi Commission chairman Charlie Zahn delivered a powerful presentation on the incredible opportunities taking place for our region. 

Over the next several years, we anticipate significant environmentally sustainable and economically sound business coming to the Port. As we prepare for this growth by building the necessary supporting infrastructure in a fiscally and socially responsible manner, we continue to prioritize you—our friends and neighbors—so you can feel confident about what your Port is building for the community.
Commissioner Zahn said it well in his address:
When I speak about the Port of Corpus Christi being YOUR port: it’s through job creation, workforce development, sustainability programs, and most importantly, the seedlings of this community: our youth. 

When we speak about adding to our story as a Port, as a city, as a region, and as a community, what we are really speaking about is the legacy we are leaving for our children and for their children. In turn, they will add their marks to this story, too. We have an opportunity here to give them the resources to succeed, and an energized community to do it in.

We shared this video of our partnership with the Texas State Aquarium at the State of the Port, and thought you might want to share it with your friends  
Your Port of Corpus Christi

Environmental Stewardship of the Port
Social Responsibility: The Port of Corpus Christi is committed to supporting local community programs, initiatives, and activities that improve the quality of life in our regional community. We strive to increase understanding of Port operations through open communication with the local community. We serve for a positive change in the neighboring communities in which we live and work. 

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