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Learn more about Waste Control Specialists and our commitment to safely disposing low-level radioactive waste.

What Does WCS Do?
We provide the most comprehensive storage and disposal of low-level radioactive waste for the U.S. nuclear market. Located on a 600-ft. thick nearly impermeable red-bed clay formation, our location provides a unique natural barrier that ensures safe and permanent disposal of radioactive waste. We provide vital disposal services for waste generators, which include nuclear power plants, hospitals and research centers. In the 22 years we have been operating at the site, no event threatening public health has occurred. We work each day to ensure that our employees, the community and the environment remain safe and protected.
Learn more about how WCS safely disposes of naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) from oil and gas drilling. 
WCS is committed to safely disposing low-level radioactive waste from a variety of generators, including medical facilities.
Support SB 1021 & HB 2269
SB 1021 and HB 2269 will allow the license holder to set disposal prices for generators based on market conditions and reduce surcharges to a level that is competitive with surcharges in other states. These identical bills pertain to just low-level radioactive waste and do not expand the current disposal capacity of the site. These bills do not impact financial assurances that are in place for closure and long-term monitoring of the site, nor do they transfer any responsibilities or costs to the state. Additionally, these bills do not eliminate surcharges; they simply bring them in line with surcharges in other states.
This legislation will ensure the long-term viability of the compact waste facility (CWF) by allowing the facility to compete in the free market. Per the current statute, current commercial pricing is set by rulemaking which creates an unsustainable business model. As a result of this, competitors are able to undercut pricing for waste disposal.
WCS is not asking for Texas to fund or operate this Texas-owned compact waste facility. We can continue to operate this facility, at no cost to Texas, if we are allowed to compete in the free market.
Click here for more information about this legislation and explore our website to learn more about WCS' unparalleled commitment to safe storage of low-level radioactive waste. 
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