Communication Counts When You’re Saving Lives

By: Angela Dejene Originally published by O'Dwyers Mothers bring their children to Laura's Maternity Home & Clinic for vaccinations and health checks in Accra, Ghana on January 9, 2014.- Bill

Mom was right: Choose your words carefully – and well

By: Arnold Garcia One of the enduring stories of Depression-era Hollywood was George S. Kaufman’s reply to a demand for a quick turnaround on a script: “Do you want it

Art Acevedo, a Great Communicator

By: Thomas Graham Austin’s violent crime rate was down 6 percent in 2015, according to the front-page lead article in the American-Statesman. A lot of credit should go to Art

What Clinton-Trump Teaches Us About Messaging

By Thomas Graham For the business leader thrust into the public eye, two clear lessons emerge from the first Clinton-Trump debate: Stay on message. Donald Trump was prepared and disciplined

When Women ‘Amplify’ Other Women in Meetings

By:  Angela Dejene All right, women. Raise your hand if you’ve been talked over by men while trying to make an important point in a meeting. Raise your hand if

Block That Metaphor

By: Rich Oppel I'm all for metaphors. I like anecdotes, analogies and similes, too. They enliven our language, create pictures in the minds of our listeners or readers, and bring concreteness

More than a “Celebrity Endorsement:” Content co-creation requires relationships with brands and influencers

By: Jake Clements, VP of Marketing & Advertising The world has changed. Buyers have new ways to find what they are looking for. The entire world's marketplace is now in the

Christmas in July: Start planning your corporate holiday party today

  Looking for a memorable experience this holiday season? With Christmas only five months away, don’t let the heat deter you – it’s not too early to start planning your

Making events unforgettable, even when the lights go out in ATX

By Jake Clements There’s an old song about when the lights went out in Georgia – but that’s the last thing you want at your event. It is, however, one

A Look Back: 2015 Memorial Day Floods and Flood Aid Texas

By Jake Clements and Thomas Graham The ten o’clock news was bad, hard to watch even, as storms swept through central Texas dropping more rain over the course of a

Not everything is digital: The archives and the perspective of history.

By James Bernsen I spent Monday at the archives, meeting old friends. That may sound odd without perspective: In my day job, I do public relations and strategic communications, but

Intro to the Austin Media Scene

Austin is putting Texas on the map. Not only has it gained the attention of national media with its growing tech industry, live music culture, thriving indie film scene and