Arnold García

Crosswind Senior Advisor Arnold García brings 43 years of experience in media and a national reputation for editorial excellence.  Arnold  retired from the Austin American-Statesman in 2013 after 39 years with the newspaper, 22 of those as editorial page editor.  At the time he retired, Arnold was dean of the state’s editorial page editors. He has served on a Pulitzer Prize jury for editorial writing and chaired a Pulitzer jury on editorial cartooning.  He has mentored a rising generation of Latino reporters and editors across the United States.

A natural story teller, Arnold brings his skills as a master communicator and his deep love of the real history and modern demographics of Texas to Crosswind.  He remembers and has written about the adversity of growing up in San Angelo, Texas.  He has seen his peers overcome the hardscrabble hardships of 1950s and 1960s West Texas to become dynamic leaders of the most vibrant and fastest growing state and metropolitan centers in the Union.

During his remarkable tenure with the Austin American-Statesman, Arnold led campaigns for affordability in Central Texas government, pushing for elected officials to be far more accountable not only to their agencies but also to the taxpayers and renters who pay for the operation of those agencies.

At the vanguard and one of only a handful of Latino editorial page editors in the country, Arnold was also and always at the forefront of efforts in his newsroom make sure coverage of Austin truly reflected the growing diversity of the Austin community and the State of Texas.  He was a guiding spirit for the creation of ¡Ahora sí!, Austin’s award-winning Spanish language news weekly, and he continues to advocate for media and communication strategies that better reach and serve the fastest growing demographic in Central Texas, the state’s Hispanic residents.

Included among Arnold’s community and writing honors are journalistic awards for his issues advocacy from the Associated Press and the Texas State Teachers Association.  He is a past president of the Headliners Club in Austin and is a past member of the board of directors of the local Crime Prevention Institute, which aids those transitioning from incarceration to communities.  He serves on the board of directors of KIPP Public Schools in Austin, the Capital Area Public Defender Service, and AustinUP, an organization dedicated to advocacy for Central Texans 65 and older.

Arnold is a graduate of Angelo State University in government and history, honored by that campus as a Distinguished Alumnus in 2003, and an Army veteran.  Arnold has served on active duty in Germany, leaving the service as a sergeant and later joining the Texas National Guard where he served as a captain.

As a writer, Arnold has covered local and legal affairs across Texas, and reported from Europe, but his most cherished bylined articles have focused on the sacrifices made by the state’s military veterans in times of armed conflict.  His family’s dedication to community service has continued in the lives of his children: his daughter Jennifer is a faculty member of the University of Iowa Medical School and his son Teodoro is a captain in the U.S. Army.