Our PR Services

We know the media that matter across Texas and in the media capitals of the world. Some of us have been award-winning reporters and editors. Others have never known a world that wasn’t multi-platformed – print, broadcast, billboard, and digital – but are nimble, creative masters of everywhere they sail.
Our team has helped clients win multimillion-dollar contracts, crafted the messages for critical transactions, navigated corporate reputation through crisis, and trained some of the most powerful chief executives in the nation to meet the press… and prevail. To learn more, click here to visit our CPR+ page.
Companies can ethically participate in the formation of the policies and opinions that shape their industries when their ideas are well defined and forcefully communicated to influentials. Our team includes former opinion-page editors at two of the most powerful newspapers in the country.
Crosswind is uniquely capable of bringing messages to life with video and online tools that are state-of-the-art and guaranteed to drive key metrics and reinforce brand and reputation positioning.
Our staff has hands-on cross-disciplinary experience in corporate and bond transactions that are valued in the billions, and we are schooled in regulatory compliance, outreach and disclosure.
We create events and connect brands with world-class talent and have relationships with leaders and celebrities in the music, sports, broadcast and fashion industry from Austin to Nashville, from Hollywood to Manhattan. To learn more, click here to visit our Events+Experiences page.

Areas of Expertise

We helped Texas win the largest federal medical research contract in the state’s history, introduced some of the world’s top pharmaceutical brands to Texas and are bringing some of the nation’s most promising new biomedical technologies to market.
We helped one of Wall Street’s largest financial firms bring some of the world’s principal industrial pump manufactures under one corporate roof. We have also brought world attention to the game-changing technology of fracking, invented in Texas, and to fracking’s world capital, The City of Midland.
We managed and produced one of the largest benefit concerts in Texas history, organizing 30 top-name music acts to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars and bringing the world’s attention and resources to aid the victims of the devastating 2015 Texas floods.
Our staff has worked with some of the nation’s largest civil engineering companies on some of the world’s most challenging infrastructure projects and are supporting a multi-million dollar effort to radically transform and modernize mobility across Central Texas.
We took on the largest system of higher education in Texas and transformed its international reputation by bringing the stories of its remarkable research and academic achievement to editors and reporters worldwide. We are now doing the same for the state’s leading and largest university medical center.